Car & Bike Bodywork Repair & Respray

Here at Roda UK LTD we will repair any dent, scuff or other damage to cars & motorbikes. We carry out private & insurance work as well as paint & graphics for race teams. Please contact us for a quote.

Accident Damage Insurance Work

The law states that you may take your vehicle to a garage of your choice, including Roda UK Ltd. Choose a company that you can trust to carry out the work with care.

The Office of Fair Trading, Association of British Insurers and Financial Services Authority all agree that it is your right to choose the repairer of your vehicle.

This is the law. Be clear with your insurer if they are demanding that the repairs are carried out by their approved insurers, Your chosen Bodyshop will be more than happy to help you with this. We can give you an estimate for the work required on the same day and liaise with your insurance company.