Panel Repairs

We offer minor damage repair for all types of commercial vehicles. We repair dents, scratches, scuff and other damage to panels. Our specialist team can straighten and realign panels & trims ready for panel respray. We have a range of specialist equipment to make panel repairs as cost-effective as possible leaving a professional finish and making your damaged panel look brand new. If you have any damage and you would like a quote, please get in touch and we would be happy to discuss the repair process with you.

Dent Removal / Panel Alignment

If your panels are out of shape or dented, we can easily repair these panels without costly panel replacements. Firstly, we remove the paint of the affected area back to bare metal. We then spot weld special studs to the dented panels. These are usually 3-4 inches long. We then attach a special tool that grips the studs so we can then apply pressure with a slider to gently pull the dent back into line with the rest of the panel. Once the dent is removed and the panel is aligned. We re-prime & paint the affected area so it looks brand new.