Full Resprays

Here at Roda, we have one of the biggest spray booths in Leicestershire. This means we can offer complete full respray for Lorries, Vans, Horseboxes, Plant Machinery, Buses & so much more. We can also spray cars and often prep race car bodies and fully respray the shell inside & out ready for build. We can do the body preparation or you can bring your vehicle ready prepared for priming and top coats. We have the full spectrum of colours to choose from and can offer, solid, metallic and pearlescent paints for your project. Please get in touch today for a quote.

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Step 1 - Preparation

We completely jet wash the vehicle using a degreaser to remove any oil or other contaminants. We will then sand the area to be painted and fill any imperfections with high-grade body filler. Once the whole area to be painted has been sanded & wet flatted, we make further checks with inspection lamps to ensure the surface is perfect before any painting takes place.

Step 2 - Cleansing

Once the surface is perfectly smooth, we use IPA Spirits and clean the panels to a smear-free finish. This will remove any grease or oils that may be on the surface. Silicone and other elements will react with paint causing a fisheye effect or mottled appearance.

Step 3 - Masking

Overspray Paint will go everywhere and it's critical to make sure that only the area to be painted is exposed. We use a series of masking tapes and paper roll to cover any areas that are not to be painted,

Step 4 - Spraying

We have state-of-the-art spraying equipment and spray guns to ensure an even flow. We give the area lots of thin coats to build up layers of paint to achieve a deep finish.

Step 5 Lacquering

Once the base colour is finished we add the lacquer to protect the paint and give a wonderful glossy finish.

Step 6 Baking

We have an extra-large booth to bake the paint to the surface. Our booth can accept very large vehicles and bakes at around 70 degrees.